The Best Dress boots are the footwear equivalent of “loosening your tie” – the high-top marks them as decidedly informal, yet with the right pants, most can pass for officewear in a pinch. In the heyday of the menswear trend, dress boots dominated.

The Best Chelsea boots are round-toe boots fitted with an elastic webbing instead of lacing, making them both easy to put on and distinctively fashionable.

$: Levi’s Men’s Black Stretch Jeans $$$: Nudie Jeans Men’s Grim Tim. Hopefully, this list of 10 jeans helped you find something in your price range. These, in my opinion, are the best jeans for men in terms of quality, brand name and fit for every single style listed.
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Jeans by Levi's Made & Crafted, T-shirt by Everlane, shoes by Vans. Think of this as a riff on the loose styles making increasing headway in the men's style world, but for a .
$: Levi’s Men’s Black Stretch Jeans $$$: Nudie Jeans Men’s Grim Tim. Hopefully, this list of 10 jeans helped you find something in your price range. These, in my opinion, are the best jeans for men in terms of quality, brand name and fit for every single style listed.
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The Black Jeans

The Best Dress boots are the footwear equivalent of “loosening your tie” – the high-top marks them as decidedly informal, yet with the right pants, most can pass for officewear in a pinch. In the heyday of the menswear trend, dress boots dominated.

While Chelseas can come in either suede or smooth leather, the typical pair includes a leather sole, rounded toebox, and minimal stitching. Although sacrificing the grip of laces may mean decreased usability, any worries about utility fade away the second you slip into a pair. Chelsea boots are built to provide a different kind of utility: Chelseas pair with everything from ripped denim to Italian suiting, fitting both streetwear and formal styles with ease.

You never know how much you hate tying your shoes until you never have to do it. If you live above it, get two pairs just to be safe. Your wardrobe will thank you. Clarks — Bushacre 2 Desert Boot. The Chukka boots are very in style right now.

Plenty of brands are coming out with their own version of the classic boot in either suede or leather. Brand like Red Wing Heritage hit the nail on the head without compromising on either. You can check out my style course to help you get an idea of pants and top colors: Hi I have canvas boots in navy color similar to http: Since they are navy, you can wear them with all jeans colors in your season.

The best jeans colors for each season are:. I will help you find your season when you sign up for my style course, Style Genesis. I wanna know what is a good sneaker to wear. Any help is very appreciated. How should I pull this off? Thank you for replying to all comments I see below. Really shows how much you care about what you have written!! Dark blue jeans, grey jeans, and chinos in khaki and browns are all good semi-casual pants colours stay away from black and cool greys.

I am actually confused about two types of shoes. Classic grey sneakers vs brown boots not desert boots with dark blue raw denim! As for the colours, grey is best for summer and winter men … … brown is best for autumn and spring men. Find your season here. Are there better AE options? I need your help…. Thank you so much for your help!

Martens shoes is pretty much accurate. I bought them to be more of casual dress shoe. They come off more like derby shoes I think. Regardless, what would be the best type or types of pants to wear with these? You can also check my style course for men, Style Genesis , if you want more outfit and color suggestions. Brown shoes look good with blue jeans only … … black shoes look good with both blue and black jeans. My wife got me a pair of yett another black box toe not sure the proper term loafers.

Assuming these will be primarily worn in the office with every-day BLUE jeans Denver is very casual , I gravitate toward a tan shoe. A dark chocolate brown is appealing as well. Specific shoes with the specific colors would be appreciated. Im going with the Dr. Martens Anthony in Hazelnut to go with my Levis in 18 months green color!!

Dont get much better!!! I have close to black jeans and brown shoes that i want to wear with burgundy jumper with shirt underneath. If you have the choice, try to wear black, navy, or cordovan shoes instead of brown ones. They all look great with black pants. I wanted to know what brands make good dark wash jeans with non-raw denim as you suggest?

I have larger thighs and need the thigh measurement to be at least Preferably a grey one like this image on Pinterest. My teacher told me to dress in layers and to wear walking shoes. What do I do?!?!? If I where you I would have worn my most comfortable shoes preferably boots, but some wear sneakers and jeans or chinos. Dressing in layer simply means to wear a t-shirt or button front shirt a sweater, and a jacket. That way you can remove or add layers depending on the weather rain or sun, cold or warm and when you transition between being indoors and outdoors.

Now my question is: Have I been on the totally wrong side of fashion in wearing jeans with Fila sports shoes? When it comes to fashion you can rarely be wrong, and there is a trend called Active Wear, which focuses on wearing more sporty clothes. So it all comes down to how you define your style. I would say that dark brown shoes can be worn to dressy and casual occasions … … while tan shoes should only be worn to casual occasions.

Black, dark brown, and burgundy are all nice colours to wear with dark jeans. Black derbies are best matched with black and dark blue jeans … … but light coloured and grey jeans also look good with them.

I usually suggest dark blue jeans with tan boots; or mahogany, teal blue, chocolate brown, or forest green chinos. The only pairing i could think of is a slim black Jeans a little distressed or a dark blue dry jeans. Other pants colour options are washed denim light grey and rose-brown, burgundy, blue-red, and dark greens with cold undertones such as spruce green and pine green.

I was hoping to wear these with a suit and nice jeans but maybe not after reading your article. What shoe would you recommend for business dress, maybe a navy suit, and nice dress jeans? Kind of a go to shoe for most days.

For a restaurant party, black derbies are ideal. They look dressy without being formal and pairs perfectly with jeans.

He usually just wears jeans and a t-shirt and boat shoes. What would you recommend as an alternative to the boat shoes? The first options that come to my mind are: Or should I go for Louis Vuitton sneakers instead? I was looking at some lighter colored denim and liked the look, but I was wondering what kind of shoes you would recommend?

For lighter jeans, I would usually just wear my black derbies or sneakers … … however brown derbies and brogues are also a good match. The brown boots are from Red Wing, they are called Blacksmith. The black boots are my Norwegian M77 military boots from when I served in the navy.

For that outfit, I would have worn my dark jeans and black derbies, sneakers or brown Chelsea boots. As the weather is always humid where I live, I feel that wearing them as my everyday college look is my best option. However, red, green, white, and lighter shades of blue are good loafer alternatives. I would like your opinion on following: I am planning this attire — sky blue shirt with dark denim and paired with grey tuxedo so will the loafer look good on it?

This is because, for formal outfits suits, tuxedos, etc. Usually, when wearing nothing more than a fitted t-shirt, I choose low-top sneakers blue or black. If derbies are your choice, you can wear an untucked dress shirt with its sleeves rolled up instead of a tee.

Great info and have already gone through it twice. I am all set to get a pair of Vans authentic for summers. It will be mostly a casual affair. However, I still have one doubt, I would like to know if wearing black jeans with a blue t-shirt or a dark-blue denim shirt could go with a couple of also dark blue sneakers, and if not, then what would you specifically recommend?

I do have one question though. I really want to get a pair of tan wingtip boots think like the Sealls2 from Ted Baker. I was wondering what I could wear them with in the fall and winter? When you mention tan wingtip boots, I immediately think of chinos and pressed trousers not dress pants.

Dont really need to ask any questions as the answer I was looking for is given. Comments and questions by others also added value. I live in northampton uk aka shoetown, so i will have a look around the factory shops tommorow trickers, barkers,loakes etc.

Highly informative article — thank you. Recently bought a pair of chocolate brown Chelsea boots. Any suggestions as to what to wear with these? Ok this is a very well written article but my question is in regards to sneakers canvas shoes. I wear between a What is your advice? The perforation and the cap toe, in addition to that they are brown very nice and open lacing ….

I have a question for you. I am a 22 year old medical student. So I like to wear something which is niether to formal nor too casual.

I prefer a plain coloured casual or formal shirt along with plain dark coloured denim. What I cannot figure out is what shoes should I go for. Please kindly suggest me the type of shoes along with the colour. If I where you, I would have worn either classic sneakers, leather loafers, derbies, or monkstraps. A tip is to check out what your fellow students are wearing and choose a shoe from my list that approximates your class average. I was wondering if I could pull off wearing a dress shirt and tie with dark denims, and black bluchers or brown wingtips?

I was also thinking about wearing with a blazer, or some sort of sweater with that combo. Yes, you can definitively wear this. Both black and brown leather shoes coordinate with dark not black denim, so the choice is up to you. Adidas Porsche design sneakers in black, dark tapered jeans and nice shirts also sound like a very good combo.

In other words, I find that I can wear lace-up sneakers to more occasions than canvas slip-ons. For all my winter boots Chelsea, dress boots, and casual boots I always add an extra inlay sole of pure wool. First, regarding socks , the sockless look is usually best for loafers …. As for what to wear with grey loafers, most neutral coloured slacks not black or grey will do, like:. Any suggestions regarding DBs or alternatives? Any recommendations that front? For clubbing shoes, I usually wear black Derbies.

They will stand up to any dress code, they go with dark jeans, chinos, and dress pants, and look smart-casual and stylish. I have a question though, what colour Derby shoe would look great on both jeans and formal trousers?

If you had said that you wanted Derbies to wear with dark jeans and NAVY dress pants, you would have had the option of choosing between both black and brown Derbies. However, since brown looks best with navy, grey, and lighter coloured dress pants — like khaki and tan rather than black — I say drop brown and choose black instead. Black is just as versatile and can be used with all sorts of jeans, and black, navy, and grey dress pants.

Your fashion material is very interesting, detailed and helpful, even to a guy in his 50s. I have been updating my wardrobe and trying to increase my fashion sense — which may or may not be undermined by my determination to bring back fedoras! I am surprised you did not mention cowboy boots or similar boots — I like wearing a pair of brown Abilene cowboy boots — these are very plain — with black boot-type Wranglers — these seem to go with anything including a sport jacket sometimes. But I like desert boots which brings up my one question — why are they so insanely expensive?

My last pair were about that price and the soles wore off in just months! The soles were hollow — I think that is the issue in a lot of mid range shoes. Thanks, I plan to wear a black tapered Jean with a black Versace small studded slip on with monk type strap and buckle…will it work? If I was to wear them myself, it would probably be to a party, a club, or some other smart casual event. I never really post comments, but I just had to say how well written and spot-on this is. I completely agree with Ivan!

There is an amazing post! By the way, I usually buy shoes like here see more , if I can post a link, but it is quite important because that is an example of what I bought and how I combine them with jeans. Sir,thanks for the article.. Purple shirt and tan Steve Madden shoes? I was wondering if chukkas, bucks, and boat shoes work well with plain one color t-shirts, or do I need a button up?

They are great together with jeans and shoes like chukkas, bucks derbies , and boat shoes. For those occasions, I generally swap it out with a button up, a polo shirt, or I wear something like a cardigan or blazer over the t-shirt. Thanks for the kind words! The brown hiking boots are my own Red Wing Blacksmith boots. They are SUPER comfortable and they got even more comfortable once I inserted a woollen sole into them for warmth and got my shoemaker to glue on a rubber sole with extra grip for icy and snowy conditions.

I have actually purchased 3 pairs of boots. I have never owned boots previously due to the calf constraints. But now that I have lost the weight, I am able to enjoy most boots. I did get a pair of grey fake Uggs. I am in love with flat boots, which I feel really hit it big this year. Wearing sports shoes with jeans sends mixed signals. Making you look more like a dank dad than a great looking guy. There are two main types of dress shoes: Open-lacing Closed-lacing But, only one of these is recommended to wear with jeans.

The Best Toe Shapes The shape of the toe itself is also a thing to consider. Square and pointy dress shoes are too extreme for us to recommend. How to Decide on Brown or Black Shoes with Jeans As for color, you can wear black shoes with blue jeans and black shoes with black jeans. Contrary, only wear blue jeans with brown shoes. What you need to do is: Open-lacing boots are perfect for this.

Well, then our tip is always: Instantly Get in a Relaxed Mood with Boat Shoes The best thing about a day or week off, is not to have your boss breathing down your neck. Possibly the Most Convenient Shoes to Wear With Jeans — Canvas Loafers How many times a day do you run short errands, fetch the mail, go to grab some take-out, or take out the trash?

If this is your case, then canvas loafers might be your white knight. What shoes should you wear on the other days? Well, this is where the monkstraps come to the rescue. We distinguish between single- and double-buckle monkstraps. The most common and best sandal to wear with jeans are buckle sandals.

The sole also comes in two different styles. These have a uniform covering of small, round rubber tabs. These have larger, flat rubber pads separated by only small areas. Make Killer First Impressions in Brogues As the cliche goes, you only get one chance to make a killer first impression. We have four different types of Brogues: Quarter Brogues, half Brogues, full Brogues, and long-wings. Quarter Brogues features decorations on toecap rim, upper and heelpiece.

Half Brogues have decoration on the toecap and along the rim of the upper and heelpiece. Full Brogues, or wingtips, have toecap decorations that extend back to the middle of the shoe. This creates what looks like wings. These shoes are also decorated along the sides of the upper and heelpiece. Longwing Brogues have a toecap decoration that extends and wraps all the way around the heel of the shoe.

Also, the upper has decoration along the rim. Taking the Next Step Now you know what kind of shoes to wear with jeans. Keep up the good work. Vey nice information dear author. Thanks for sharing such a great information. Hi Sandeep, It is almost impossible to suggest shoe colors without knowing more about your color palette and personal style.

However, with a black suit, nothing looks as good, in my opinion, as black shoes. Hi Yusuf, Pastels usually looks best with grey, beige, and other muted colours, not black. Thanks for the suggestions. Hi Henry, Glad I could help. Cap-toe dress boots and jeans is a great outfit! I have a black dotted shirt and grey check jeans. Now, what type of shoes I wear? Hi Muhammad Abdullah, It sounds like your outfit is more on the dressy side. Hi Rahul, It sounds like cargo pants might be a good choice for your black sporty sneakers.

Hi Ajmal, With tan colour brogues, I would have worn warm coloured jeans, like dark blue or light blue jeans. Hi Justin, That seems like a couple of solid outfits that I could easily wear myself. Hi Raghavendra, When wearing loafers, the right length of jeans should leave a small gap between the top of your loafers and hem of your jeans.

Thank you for visiting Satisfazer. What about Nike running shoes with jeans? Which kind of jeans? Hi Wilson, The more casual, or sporty, the shoes, the more casual the jeans should be. Thanks for a great post and all the hard work tracking down the styles and photos!!! Glad you liked the styles and photos! What type of shoes can I wear with shirt, jeans and waistcoat? Which jeans will perfect for skinny legs? Please share some more. Hi Alen, With distressed jeans I would have chosen one of these three casual shoes: Is it ok to wear deep blue jeans with brown shoes?

Hi Nihar Lodaya, Wearing denim on denim can be tricky. Cheers, Vegard Apparel Illustrated. I love those brown full brogue shoes that are pictured. Do you know who those are made by? Hi Jim, Thanks for the kind words. Hello Vegard, Very informative article up there.

Hi Matthew, Thanks for commenting. All your sandals can be worn with jeans. Too sporty sandals are your typical beach flip-flops, showers sandals, and floaters. I want shoes which can be worn both with formal pants and jeans. Hi Pankaj, Yes, I have a couple of shoes in mind actually.

Hi Mike, First off, great outfit. I want to wear a pair of slim fit jeans with a blazer and woodland shoes. Which Woodland model do you have in mind? Please help me on this. I will wear shirt with black jeans and brown brogues. I will wear black t-shirt with white jeans can I wear black colour loafer.

Hi Soham, Sure thing. Black loafers look great with pure white and black. How to Match Clothes Cheers, Vegard. Sorry for the long question. Regarding your Porsche sneakers, yes you can wear them with your jeans and jacket. They look clean and casual, which is perfect for this outfit.

This is the classic Top Gun look and is perfect for a jacket like that. So are there other options with chukkas? Cheers, Vegard Apparel illustrated. I am going to wear shirt with jeans. Which type of shoes is best for me? Hi Ansh, For business occasions: Hi Dibyendu, You can match your sneakers with both your jeans or your t-shirt without a problem.

If your t-shirt is red, then wear sneakers that are green red and green are complementary colors If your t-shirt is orange, then wear sneakers that are blue orange and blue are complementary colours You can learn more about matching sneakers and clothes in my style course, Style Genesis. What are your thoughts on men over 40 wearing black leather sneakers with jeans?

Can I wear blue coloured Guava shoes with joggers that are dark blue? Hi Akash, Yes, you can certainly wear blue sneakers with dark blue pants. Blue is one of the most versatile shoe colours after black and brown. Hi Rob, Those wingtip brogues are absolutely OK to wear with jeans. The pleasure is all mine Rob. Hi Ben, Is it possible for you to switch out your jeans with similar coloured chinos?

Hi Kruthikha and thanks. Let me know if you have questions and we will answer them as best we can. Can you tell me the name of the brown boots to left in the casual-hiking boots picture? What about Lotto String running shoes? Can I wear them with jeans? Do they look like a casual shoe? Hi Shivoham, I understand that you like them. Now, given that you ask me for advice on this subject, I have to be straightforward with you. Glad you agreed on the rest. Hi Subhi, I have a course about how to pair dress shoes, suits, ties, and other clothes.

Your article is very informative and helpful. Glad you found it informative and helpful. Can we wear black nagea shoes with jeans? Hi Ali, Do you have a link to an image of the shoes in question? Hi Sid, Glad it was helpful. Thanks Jamiruddin, Glad I could help!

Hi Nick, Non-wedding ring jewelry can be hard for men to pull off. Hi Ely, It might come as a surprise to you that I rarely shop by brands, only by quality, fit, price, and colour. Hi Fire Fist, The reason is that the oxfords look sleek and dressy.

A look that is too dressy for jeans. Hi Gantavya, Grey sneakers are fine. Pairing them with jeans and a polo shirt sounds like great idea. Always keep it tucked in. Hi Vegard, Is this to say that a tall man can leave his polo untucked when pairing it with jeans and a sport coat. This article is great and really taught me a lot! Hi John, You have a good point. Anyone will look shorter with their polo or dress shirt untucked. Would the black Stafford Gunner boot work with black jeans?

It is an open laced derby boot, with a cap toe quarter brogue. Hi Jeff, It certainly would work with black jeans. Great looking boot by the way! Thanks for sharing Tony. I love leather loafers with jeans too! What colour vans go with darker blue jeans? This means that the real question is: What shoe colour matches your top and jacket? Hi Keefe, They are everything a classic sneaker should be and would look great with dark blue jeans and a top or jacket from the autumn or spring seasonal palette.

They are one of my favorite pair of casual boots. Hi Harry, Black Chelsea boots sound great. I would definitively say that dark denim and Chelsea boots will work. Hi there, I found this guide really helpful and those sliders showing 2 different images are really helpful on the visualisation part!

I was wondering, what about shoes with more than 1 colour on them? Hope this helps, Cheers, Vegard. Hi, I have a black half zip polo sweater and dark blue jeans. Can you suggest the best shoe and colour? Hi Joe, Great question. Hi Aaron, Red Wing makes them. Can you please let me know what brand, color, and model are the pair of shoes in this link: The shoes in the picture are from Barker Shoes. That exact model has gone out of production. Hey Vegard, Will a pair of white sneakers go with dark blue denim, navy blue chinos, beige color chinos, or black denims … Also, which color sneaker should I go for to pair with dark or light shaded denims?

I am confused …. Hey Rajiv, White sneakers will go with dark blue, navy blue, and black pants. Winters look good with black sneakers Summers look good with grey sneakers Springs look good with light brown sneakers Autumns look good with brown sneakers To learn more about which colour you look best in, check out my style course here.

Hi Paras Jain, Since blue, indigo, and black are all fairly neutral colours I would simply have chosen a pair of black sneakers to go with all of them. Hi Akiva, Black and red usually look really good together, and I bet your outfit looks great. Since you have a casual dress code at work, you are free to wear pretty much whatever you want, which raises the question: What would you like to wear in order to feel both comfortable and confident?

Hello, I have Red Tape tan leather shoes. Hello Shashank, You certainly can. Hello, Can I wear brogue shoes with dark blue jeans, a light blue casual blazer and a white shirt? Also what do you think of casual boots in blue?

Hi James, Those are my Red Wing boots. The model is called BlackSmith. I was thinking about a red shirt matched with black tennis shoes? Hi Andrew, Red shirt and black tennis shoes are no problem. Thanks and regards Shafi Khan. Hi Shafi Khan, You are by far not the first. How about dark blue jeans with light gray dress shoes? Hi James, I am sure light grey dress shoes and dark blue jeans will look really good.

Hey Pratham, Thanks for the positive feedback. Hi Vegard, I have a pair of black shoes not Oxfords and a pair of dark blue jeans. Hi Parsa, Black dress shoes and jeans are one of the most versatile and good looking jeans combos out there. Hi Ian, You are absolutely right. I mostly hate derbys, I love oxfords. Even a quarter brogue oxford is fine with jeans! Hi Vegard, Great article!

I would really appreciate your help and any style ideas you are happy to share! Hi Calum, Thanks, glad you liked it! Hi Al Hoove, Thanks for the combo suggestions. Hey Vegard, Will a pair of white sneakers go with dark blue denim , navy blue chinos , beige color chinos or black denims… And which color sneaker should i go for, to pair with dark or light shaded denims? Hi Samuel, White sneakers go with all colours that are cool, like black, dark blue, and navy.

I did not see sandals being mentioned. Hello, Would a pair of Yeezy go with dark indigo or black jeans? Hi, What kind of shoes can be worn with a black blazer, white shirts and slightly light blue jeans? Hi Sai kr, For a classic combo like that you can wear almost any type of the footwear mentioned in this article.

Hi Would it be nice if i match a pair of blue jeans with a pair of brown derby. And thanks for taking the time to reply to all the comments. Thanks, glad you liked it! The loafers in the article are made by Tommy Hilfiger. Does dark tapered jeans look good with black hi top canvas shoes? Enjoy yourself at the party! What colour jeans pants and shirts or t-shirts for red colour loafers? Can you suggest a versatile loafer colour which suits all pants and shirts? Hi Raghu, With red loafers, I would have chosen a winter colour for my clothes.

Are you looking for the best jeans for men money can buy? This post has the answers you need. You know the jeans that fit like a glove but were comfortable and easy to move around in.

What if you had more of those jeans? Slim fit jeans are what I would consider the most popular and trending style of jeans at the moment.

A smart pair of distressed jeans with subtle rips will work as a great statement piece and bring life to an otherwise boring outfit.

But, as with so many boots, it is the style that pays homage to the brand’s heritage that is clearly best. Church’s Shanghai style defined men’s fashion in Today, it’s still a bold choice of shoe, that works well in a semi-formal setting. Pick sleek, waterproof boots for dreary weather and wingtips for business meetings. And if you choose your shoes carefully, they can be a solid investment you’ll still be wearing through the spring. The Best Dress boots are the footwear equivalent of “loosening your tie” – the high-top marks them as decidedly informal, yet with the right pants, most can pass for officewear in a pinch. In the heyday of the menswear trend, dress boots dominated.