We sat for 30 minutes before my fiancé went up to the host and asked for someone to serve us. Who am I to argue? She called again he picked up the phone and hung it up. Plus the manager gave my mother the wrong number to the district manager and called the police and told them that they were trying to get into the restaurant after closing and not the truth that they were actually trying to get out of the restaurant.

He stated again I was not eligible for any type of warranty claim. I explained that he might avoid the warranty claim but was going to lose a customer who has repeatedly purchased tires for his 7 cars from firestone.

It is hard to express my disappointment with Firestone. You have a loyal, repeat, customer standing in front of you wanting to purchase another set of tires and the best he can do is offer the standard promotion of buy one get one free. Buying the Primewell Tires was a big mistake. I had purchased another set for my Chevy Suburban and had to replace those around 25, miles.

I explained this to Derek as well. I am asking that you stand behind your product and offer some sort of recognition that 23, miles is not the expected life for a tire. If you paid with a Chase credit card, call them and tell them what happened. It worked great with a problem on hotels. This car is my baby and I recently had an upgraded rebuilt transmission installed less than 10k ago,..

I am replying to my own email due to I have not received a reply and I went and picked up my car and had to argue with the manager about the damage that occurred when the ball joint gave, he is trying to say the damage had possibly been there before due to the damage that was there, I told him that there was no damage cuz even though the control arm was broken it was still attached to the wheel and frame, and the mud flap and fender was not broken,..

They also replaced the power steering punp because it had a small leak. Now in the last week i have gone through more power steering fluid that i have the whole time i have owned the car,.. We took our car to the Firestone Service Center at W.

Why did they not recommend or perform the less expensive and obviously correct repair to begin with? It is actions like these that will cost you our business and the business of anyone I can warn about your shops. I find it disheartening that your mechanics are apparently dishonest, even when they have a banner with a quote from your founder, Harvey Firestone, that says honesty is the keystone to business.

I was ripped off by Firestone and they lost a customer. Been using them for tires and oil changes, but let them do a transmission flush last week, July 8th because the price was right. Nothing was wrong with my car, except needing the flush and oil changes. Left there, car stalling every 3 minutes, herky jerky movements, not feeding gas, brought it back, and they said there was NOTHING they can do, want to charge me another dollars.

They ruined my car, I am 65 years old. Beware if anyone wants to use them for anything more then air in the tires. I used to like Firestone until today. I went for a tire check. That is all I wanted. I am 68 yrs. He kept insisted that I should get a Firestone card and all my flats would be free forever.

I could not make him understand I was not interested at the moment. So guess how much I paid for a flat tire repair? His comment was see you could have gotten it free if you had gotten the card. My son was right. If I had gone to Discount Tires, they would fixed it for free. I should have listened. Trying to get a manager over the phone is like pulling teeth. I stated my name and asked for a Manager. Sorry about my long complaint but the People need to hear about your services and your employees.

Well all it takes is one person, I have used Firestone for over a decade and never had an issue until now at the Fredericksburg Virginia location off of Route 3. Ben the manager at the Firestone declined my coupon therefore I refuse to pay for my services which include a lifetime front end alignment.

And up until 5 years now I have been so dissatisfied with the service they have done. They do the work and then I have to bring the car right back for the service again.

I will have to look for another auto repair location but hopefully not with firestone anymore. I will most likely only get my tires at the store. I live in Hollywood, Fl. Twice the service manager who looks as if he is doing nothing at the time walks by me not even greeting me as a customer. I say excuse me can I please have assistance getting air. And continues to walk around doing nothing..

I thought customers came first. At least acknowledge the customer and say someone will be right with you. Instead, I got nothing twice. He threw the air hose up on top of a pile of tires and told me to get the air myself. Something needs to be done about his customer service. I have been a customer of firestone for 11 years with three different vehicles. I have always been treated with courtesy, and respect even when I took my vehicle back after a repair was not done right.

They were genuinely concern, listened to my complaint and in my opinion worked to correct the problem. Honored all discounts and promotions. So I am pretty shocked by most of the above comments. Maybe they did happen or maybe as I have noticed myself on occasions the customer walks in with an attitude or angry which starts the ball rolling. Which is not a excuse the manager should try to calm the situation. However we as customer should understand that not everything comes out perfect the first time.

The determining factor, I have discovered, is how they respond to the situation. In my opinion they have responded appropriately. So I want to give a shout out to all your employees at the locations I mentioned. And to customers be polite, respectful, understanding and have patience. I just bought 4 new tires and a lifetime alignment package from the executive location in El Paso Texas.

I had to return because the alignment was not done right, no hassles they worked to correct it. It feels a lot better now the technician worked hard to correct the problem. I was told that if I had any more problems they would take care of it. I believe them and I also believe that if I take it to any of the locations I mention above they will also take care of any problem even if they did not do the work.

So thank you all. To whoever may concern on Firestone headquarters… what kind of irresponsible directors,managers and employees are you hiring. And you be losing,customers.. I suggest you must do something about it!!!!

If you heard about FTC. And I expect to get my money back on that alignment and balancing as well. I took my truck for an alignment and balance.. I got the lifetime warranty for both of them. For alignment and balance. As I was waiting for it. So I told the person in charge of the mechanics to call his employee and to tell him to show me what he did with a balance,to pick up the truck and to show me.

So all this time within this year of Firestone employees never did the alignment and balance all this time. The technician called me and told me what he did and was doing, he did not mention anything about the dashboard. We decided to just pick up the car since they were not going to do anything else to the car.

Since it was Memorial Day weekend, we had to wait again until the following week to have the windshield replaced. Firestone told us, they were trying to find a cover to put over it.

I took Toyota Limited Highlander in to have 4 brand new tires install and was asked did I want to them balance. Most important fact my 1st time every have tires changed and brought vehicle new.

Once my vehicle was ready. He talked to tech about vehicle and took him to inspect vehicle by this time I turned in another person.

Weekend manager told me that he wheel take all of wheel off and buff the rims. He told me that they had taken pictures and store manager Robert R. How much did u pay? Told me to bring vehicle back and leave it so that he can. That was why he was contacted. Robert Store manager then invited me to look at several Rental and other vehicles..

I wonder why maybe he knew that they were going to inspect and Firestone was going be responsible. Kept saying that these are newer vehicles. When actually my retail value for vehicle is probably near Newer vehicles that I was shown. They were supposed to fix my left strut and axle for which they charged me dollars, and they never did. When I went in to demand my money back, so I can take my car elsewhere, they told me only the manager can authorize a payment like this.

I spoke to the manager this morning before driving up there to get my money, and he told me to come and get it. When I got there, he told me he opened up a claim, and it should take 4 days for someone to get in contact with me.

They are reckless and very dishonest people. Just because they see you are a woman, they think they can rob you of all that money. I am not going to just let this slide. I am going to take this to anyone who is going to listen, and help me get my money back. I am having an issue with this Firestone. Took my car in for repair. Was told it needed a radiator.

After got car back, driving on 65 south, gas pedal went to the floor. Going up to 95 miles an hour and brakes would not stop it. I finally had to put car in neutral and then put it in park.. I was almost killed and could have killed someone. They were supposed to be sending tow truck but sent technician who worked on my vehicle. He had knocked the gas pedal latch or something loose. I was a nervous wreck and still to this day. No one from Firestone Management called me to see if i was ok or anything.

I called the District Manager maybe and corporate. The District Manager stated he would reimburse me to take it to Dealer to have checked. Before i could take it it shut down on me. Had it towed to another Firestone location at my expense.

Then they states i needed a fuel pump. One of the technicians told me my vehicle was probably messed up due to how i had to stop it and that it was wide open. They put the fuel pump in. It was making a ticking noise, when press gas pedal may not go. So called District Manager back. He provides me a rental and takes car to dealer.

He does not think they should not be liable for that. Keep in mind when they did the fuel pump they did an engine test and it was fine. Vehicle been in 3 different firestone locations in past month or two never had that issue. Now the air is not working.. The District Manager states he opened a claim and someone should call me within hours.

Its been 5 or more days no call. Firestone almost took my life and the life of others. They also messed up my vehicle. Sun evening my tire pressure light came on. No problem, i put some air in tires, light stays on. The mechanic, Chris, said, i dont know, something isnt right, my tire sensor thing isnt working. His service sucks and I will never spend another penny in that store. First it we had ball joints replaced on my sons car.

After picking it up it still had the same noise. We brought it in because of a lot of squealing. After it was replaced we then had a whining noise. We returned they said it must be defective, wow another defective part???? So they replaced it. So here I sit with it in the shop with a bunch of morons who have no idea what they are doing! SOmeone needs to do something here.

My claim number is After getting those services performed my car started to malfunction. So I returned to the location to find out why. Then the master tech got involved and drove my car to determine what the problem was. The hook it up to the tester and no codes came back anything was wrong.

James reviewed my records and saw where a transmission flush was performed. James proceeds to tell me details about how the transmission works and the change of fluid what it does. He advised me that Firestone was going to take care of my vehicle and take care me by putting me into a rental into my vehicle was repaired.

Back to my claim, this claim has been going on since November 15 I have spoken with the claims representative Jim Flint which continue to say wear and tear, and here now have recently spoken with a Gil Leon and he is saying wear and tear as well after someone was sent out to review my vehicle. First, your representative James advise me that it was Firestone was going to take care of me and that my vehicle will be taken care of by Firestone as well. Secondly, now my other issue is after the transmission shop got my vehicle and upon arrival did an inspection has stated my transmission fluid was a quart low.

So for over a year of my transmission fluid running a quart low of fluid and me not knowing have been driving my vehicle normally each day pulling a hill because my location I use to live in was up a hill which I did on a daily basics and driving constantly the transmission did not have the correct amount of fluid and eventually burnt my clutch out. Now that the shop also torn down my transmission and reviewed it they are advising the same thing the clutch burnt out because the fluid was not correct.

So how does Firestone feel they are not responsible for the malfunction of my vehicle? When clearly the service was not done correctly and even after the quart low of fluid was not caught and fixed by Firestone.

I have left several messages for you to contact me and not received a callback. At your earliest convenience can you please call me or respond to this email because I truly feel that I am being treated unfairly and Firestone is not sticking to what I was advised the night of November 15 after James and the master tech at the five Forks location reviewed my car and stated again that it was Firestone on Antrim Dr.

It is apparent that the customer service at Firestone is awful everywhere. I have never been disrespected by an employee there.

It does it matter if I am small or big. I went in to get a battery in my car was stuck down the road and the lady at the register was really trying to help but one of the workers stated that I look big enough and strong enough to carry it why does he need to help? Can you discriminate against my size any more than that? It does not matter if I was capable to carry it you do not make comments personalizing about the customers.

Very unprofessional staff members at Firestone and I will not be returning for any Services there again. Recently I was diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses. My family and I are going to replace two tires at a time.

But, today when my wife and kids stopped by to get air on the tire. We were planning on buying at least two new tires from this shop. Well we will take our business elsewhere!!! On the way I experienced brakke problems in Atlanta Ga.

I had no idea where to go but called my son-in-law in SC, as he had friends in Atlanta. I waited for the estimate for about hours as other patrons of the center came and went.

When I received the estimate, I was taken to the work area to see the repairs that were needed. I did not have that kind of money so I asked what could be done to get me to Bft SC. They told me I could fix the back brakes and the front would be OK for a week or so. We make it to Beaufort without any problems.

The next day my son-in-law took me to a service center in Bft. PAB Relined break shoe There seems to be duplicate charges for the same thing. I would think that the break fluid would be done all at one time and not separately. All of this was done in the same hour not for each side. About the only thing I agree with is the cost of the drum whether 1 or 2. It is not clear as to how many drums were bought but the coast is probably right.

Please help me understand. Went to firestone in Livingston NJ today my car is not starting properly they where busy so i went to the Firestone in Orange NJ I arrived there at about 9am I explained the situation to JC the tech at the desk he stated it may be a while ok understandable. About 12pm the female desk person comes and asks whats the problem with the car??????

I explain again she leaves. At pm I go to get an update I was told the tech was still trying to reenact the problem. At this point I just asked for my car back I will not be going back to this location. Firestones service leaves a very bad taste very dissatisfied customer and card holder. I am so fed up with the bad quality parts and the horrible mechanics at Firestone. Brake pads, even though new, have been squeaking since the day they were put on.

They squeak all day long no matter where my car is parked. The change in weather making one tire go flat. And these are your professionals. My mother and I have had a joint Firestone account for a number of years and most of the experiences have been good.

I took my vehicle in on Sunday to have the oil changed and two tires put on. The next day, while driving around town, my oil pressure light came on. I called Firestone and told them that I would bring the car in on Wednesday.

By Wednesday I had noticed oil stains in my driveway. I thought, oh no! I just had my oil changed. When I brought my car in just a few days after having my oil changed at this very same Firestone location, the service adviser, Isaac, became defensive. I was not accusatory, I just wanted my car reinspected. I finally had to stop him and ask him to just put the car on the lift so we could actually see what the problem was. When the car was put on the lift I was shown that the oil sensor was leaking very badly.

I was extremely disappointing. Mind you I have never had any oil problems with my car ever! I drive a luxury sedan and take very good care of it. I expressed this to Isaac and he was again defensive.

I find it coincidental that within inches of my oil filter is my oil pressure sensor and it is gushing oil and leaking everywhere within 24 hours of having my oil changed. So if they did do nothing wrong why did they not catch the leak? I heard none of that.

I would have like to have heard some options or but Issac was so busy being defensive and not actually communicating with me I finally just asked for my keys. I will not be back to that Firestone ever. I have spent quite a bit of money over the years there and had planned to do business there for most of my auto repair needs. I had just happily spent over dollars there days before.

BBB will be contacted but I will give you a chance with first response. No response, class action just might wake you people up and I'm sure I am not the only one. This is my third trip to Firestone and I bought my battery from Firestone 6 months ago. They said it was guaranteed.

Brought it on Tuesday to have it checked. It was in good condition they said. I drove the car the next day to work. Coming home that night at 9: I actually wanted a NEW battery as promised. No, but no I need an alternator and a fuse and I and my precious mom have to wait at least 4 hours more so that the guy can go across town to get them and install the things.

As The World Turns! I got there about The order was put in to repair my flat tire. The employee told me I was the second person in line.

The technician started to patch it. I was told they were just waiting for the glue to dry. When the Manager or whoever was working out front went to see what was going on he noticed the inside of the tire has many bubbles on the wall. He informed me that I would need a new tire. I was getting very upset by then. The person who was helping us just kept telling us what we wanted to hear with the wait time. After I paid and left the store I noticed that they added in tire insurance for the 2 tires without even discussing this with me.

Needless to say this has been the worst experience I have ever had. The staff was unprofessional and kept avoiding me when I asked for updates. I will never go to Firestone again! On August 9, on the way back from a dentist appointment with my Granddaughter my car started to overheat so we went straight home and I called Firestone.

I took it up the next morning and they did a diagnostic on …. I was taking my 4 Granddaughters to Olive Garden to celebrate when a few stoplights before we got there my car overheated completely! This time there was white smoke coming out of the tailpipe and you could hear the water boiling in the radiator!

Needless to say my Granddaughters were freaking out! We called Firestone and they towed the car back to Grandview! The first thing they did was call me and accuse me of putting Stop Leak in my radiator and pretty much called me a liar when I told them they were the ONLY ones that had ever touched my car since I bought it! They had found black chunks in my radiatormore than likely this was the head gasket that melted when it overheated….

Another sign was the white smoke coming out of the tailpipe when it overheated the second time! They Finally did a test which should have been performed the first day they serviced my car and said the head gasket now needed replaced which they cannot do! I probably will have to total the car and I still have to pay the repair bill!! We were planning on buying new tires BUT now we are going to replace them elsewhere! I paid for 4 new tires, alignment, oil change, and a new battery for my Madza 3.

I drove away hearing what sounded to me like my front drivers side tire was loose or not all the way on. Also my auto window was no longer working either. I turned around and went back to Firestone and told them of my complaints. I told him that my window was working when I brought my car in and I expected it to work when the work was done.

The manager was telling me that nothing they did would have caused my window not to work and that the problem was a bad sensor. He begins looking up prices for sensors on the computer in which I told him that I am not paying for because that was working when I brought my car in this morning. No one from Madza answers but I doubt he called the correct number. What I found out was that Madza has a window reset that has to be done anytime the battery has been disconnected.

I showed him what I found and asked if we could try this. He hastily agrees and still insists that I need to pay more money to have a bad sensor replaced. The window reset was the solution!! So basically I fixed my window! I chose Firestone because it was more convenient for me rather than waiting to get in with my mechanic.

I will take my car to Firestone again and I will tell everyone I know to do the same! What a rip off scam! I will never use your services again and will tell everyone I know to do the same. Invoice I have been a customer for a few years now. I asked to see car problems. At that time I was told car only had a few minor leaks and they could not find radiator problem.

I was sold things I did not need. So how does one trust Firestone to do the work that one pays for and do it right. These people lied to me. I am a senior lady and they simply told me lies. So i again was and am a sucker for caving into the salesteam there in having to buy one new tire even though i have had the exact same patch fix done on previous vehicles at the same exact branch in the past.

Its one thing to be a sales man, but for god sakes at least be an honest one. I showed him the invoice from my visit, and told him of the inconsistencies on the list. I pointed out the washer fluid was marked as good, when in fact it was completely empty.

New guy just nodded. I asked new guy how would I know I really needed a fuel pump if these other items were incorrect. There you have it folks. I needed to pass emissions and wanted to be sure there would be no issues. After getting a phone call from Firestone, I was told I needed a new fuel pump and I should have various other work done.

The first clue was the washer fluid was marked off in the green OK box. I checked the oil level myself, and it was fine. The brake fluid box was marked in the yellow box as suggested, and the copper PPM were circled at The brake fluid in my car was flushed about 1, miles prior to this visit, and it will be good to go for some time. The air filter was marked in the green box as good, but on my last visit it was marked in the yellow as suggested. Things were looking up!

I happen to have all of my invoices dating back since I guess I should be thankful to Firestone for that. I will never step foot in a Firestone location again, even if I need to push my car past one of your stores to get to another shop that charges more. My service advisor was Joshua. Made the appointment for a lifetime wheel alignment. Brought my car in with an hour earlier than my appointment was. Went for lunch and comeback after 3hours to the store.

Nobody called me to tell me that my car is ready or anything like that. Joshua come over and with a piece of paper from the mechanic trying to explain me that they didnt touch my car bc my car was in a wreck.

Well why you didnt call me about this right away. He even didnt know what is going on with my car, was trying to read the notes from that paper the mechanic gave him. Also i found out that there was issues with my exhaust system that was leaking, O2 sensor need it to be replaced and also lights to be replaced. You need to step up and fix this issues if you want to stay in business. I am so disappointed I arrive at the Bert Kowns store in Shreveport, Louisiana, only to see all new faces.

I am so upset, I drive over an hour to have my suv serviced by people I have grown to trust just to be told that they have cleaned house. I can promise you firestone, this will be my last visit. Took car in at I wanted estimate on rebuild motor if needed, an answer to my check engine light, a tire repaired that had a nail in it, an alignment and rotation of tires since I have the lifetime alignment.

I actually had to call at 5: I was hot about having to call but come on. I get down to the shop and it gets worse. The reason they said was because they needed the the rim lock nut to remove the tires. It is Was in the car. OMG I am so upset! Going in to discuss it all next week with Johnny the manager. Oh and they had no acting manager available since Johnny was on vacation I was told. I only go in to their shop because I use a Firestone card. Time to switch back to Goodyear I guess.

Maybe he can turn this poor review into a good one. I took my car into this location yesterday — after having made an appointment — to have my air conditioning looked at and my oil changed. I arrived early in the morning, left my car, walked to work — about a mile away. I was initially told that I could sit and wait for my car. Here is pretty much a complete offering of such photos. This is easier on you than always trying to use the message boards, whose URL links often dry up.

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This led to racing participation on an all-out corporate level, followed by voluntary self-imposed and publicized bans, back-door cheating on said bans, and then investing in performance again. The byproducts of all this activity were some really fascinating and exciting cars. It began with standard-chassis cars growing bigger and including more powerful engines. Then they graduated to being lighter, putting big engines into mid-size chassis muscle cars , and building race cars that barely resembled anything on the street.

From early Hudson Hornets, to the birth of the Hemi, to aluminum and fiberglass panel sedans, to lightweight special-order muscle cars ready to race from the factory. Hard cover, pages, color photos. The details he regularly shares, both in the pages of national magazines and as a contributing host and tech expert at the popular Barrett-Jackson Auctions on television, are the kinds of details that car fanatics love to hear.

Steve turns his attention to the most popular car in history, the Ford Mustang. In more than 50 years, the Mustang has taken many turns, from the original pony car, to variants that are best described as pure muscle cars, to the misunderstood Mustang II, to the Fox-Body platform that revived the brand, all the way to the modern Coyote-and Voodoo-powered supercars.

Magnante covers them all here, generation by generation, so that Mustang fans of any generation are sure to love this collection. A short while later he began his journey, as a driver, into the dirt racing world.

Simmons raced jalopies, Modifieds, Supermodifieds, skeeters, and Dirt Late Models to checkered flags. The year saw him climb out of his famous 41 for the last time. The Curtis Turner Story by Dr. L Morris This is a scanned reprint of an original copy of Dr. The two were close friends, and it appears that Doc was doing his best to shine a favorable light on his hell-raising, women-chasing compadre.

Soft cover, pages S Price: It covers how he grew a business from a single cam grinder and became the leading cam authority in barely 10 years. Ed's company name went on to become one of the household names in the performance community.

His continued success is an entertaining tale of mingling with industry icons, insight into the business of hot rodding, great stories of yesterday and today, and a life very well lived. You will enjoy the stories recorded here as much as Ed "Isky" Iskenderian seems to enjoy telling them. The story of how Cuba came to be trapped in automotive time is a fascinating one.

For decades, the island country had enjoyed healthy tourism trade and American outpost status, and by the s it had the highest per capita automotive purchasing of any Latin American country. But when Cuba fell to communist rebels in , so ended the inflow of new cars.

Since then, trade embargo forced Cuba's car enthusiasts to develop a unique and insular culture, one marked by great creativity, such as: Cuba's Car Culture offers an inside look at a unique car culture, populated with cars that have been cut off from the world so long that they've morphed into something else in the spirit of automotive survival. Authors Tom Cotter and Bill Warner founder of the Amelia Island Concours take readers of Cuba's Car Culture on a whirlwind tour of all things automotive, beginning with Cuba's pre-Castro car and racing history and bringing us up to today's lost collector cars, street racing, and the challenges of keeping decades-old cars on the road.

The book is illustrated throughout with rare historical photos as well as contemporary photos of Cuba's current car scene. For anyone who enjoys classic cars, from old Chevy Bel-Airs to Studebakers to Ford Fairlanes, a cruise around Cuba will make you feel like a kid in a candy store. The author has done an incredible amount of research, and the book is crammed with stats, rosters, and original photography as well as robust year-by-year reporting on racing action from through But the book is not a light read about personalities, rather a serious, factual, double-column volume about a tremendous era in our sport.

Highly recommended for racing history buffs! Black and white tells a stark and real story that color cannot portray. Research involved discussions with hundreds of key players from the past to the present, including detailed interviews with figures such as Steve Danish, Bill Wimble, Richard Petty, Jack Johnson, Brett Hearn, and Bobby Varin. Tall tales are told of notable races and interesting off-track happenings.

Appendices provide a compilation of racing records for all major divisions. This is the original edition, printed in its entirety without corrections or updates. In a year career, Kevin Olson has raced Midgets all over the U. Like Kevin, this book is candid, nostalgic, and consistently outrageous. Give it to anyone who loves racing and needs a smile to make their day.

For over a year, Garner interviewed and observed Gordon at races, special events, and at home. The book is based on extensive interviews with Gordon — as well as in-depth interviews with dozens of family members, friends, competitors, and colleagues, some of whom have never gone on the record before. Jeff speaks candidly, sometimes brutally so, about his childhood, his much publicized divorce, those he competed against, his family, and life after racing. Will be released October Pre-order before October 15 for free shipping.

Written and produced by Andy Hallbery and Jeff Olson, "Lionheart " is visually stunning page book chronicling Dan's remarkable story, as told by the people who knew him best: Covering his career from karting all the way to being two-time Indianapolis winner and IndyCar Series champion, the book is full of stories and memories, some funny, some touching but all truly captivating. And what a race it was. On the track, Allison was in and out of contention until trouble found him, which left Elliott and Kulwicki to race for the title in a nail-biting finale.

And who could have imagined that a young Jeff Gordon would take the handoff from Richard Petty on this day? They all give fresh recollections and new information on the events leading up to and including the Hooters The Hooters you can relive one of the closest championship contests in NASCAR history, while learning new details about how the entire season culminated in a single lap to determine the title!

Snyder Video Productions has added this title to its list of historic racing presentations. This DVD features action-packed nostalgic racing dated through and takes you back to when Big Block Modifieds raced at Nazareth and Flemington. Original soundtrack, no narration. Tootle was a multi-talented driver who drove about every kind of race car with four wheels.

According to some, he won over races, including between and in the late model ranks. Soft cover, 89 pages. At her peak, Linda attended more than events annually, year after year, and she still attends more than 25 events each year. For the first time ever, Linda Vaughn allows her fans a behind-the-scenes look at her career in motorsports and promotion through her personal photographic archive and other photos.

Through captions, Linda tells the story of individual images from her amazing memory, with no detail left unshared. Nobody is left out as Linda tells stories about the photos chronicling her career in motorsports. The First Lady of Motorsports is the most comprehensive gathering of photos ever assembled on Linda Vaughn.

Through her plus years in motorsports, Linda has lived it all, been everywhere, and met everyone. Their intense competition on the track became a lifelong friendship off the track. He and Shelby collaborated on many business projects over the years, including books, marketing projects, projects for the Shelby Foundation, and so on.

In his later years, Shelby loved the books about his cars and similar topics, but his eyesight was failing to the point where he had difficulty reading, and really preferred the books that were heavy with photos.

It was from that realization that Shelby and Evans decided to work on one last book together. That is almost the entirety of this book. Filled with images that have never been seen in print, as well as images not published since the s and s, this final work from Shelby is a personally curated collection by the legend himself.

Debunking many long-held myths along the way, Drive! Goldstone breathes life into an extraordinary cast of characters: Lurking around every corner is Henry Ford, a brilliant innovator and an even better marketer, a tireless promoter of his products - and of himself.

With a narrative as propulsive as its subject, Drive! Filled with fascinating images of some of the coolest cars and builders, long-forgotten car clubs, and great shots of the dry lakes, nostalgia fans flocked to grab a piece of hot rodding history all in one convenient package.

Well, if some is good, more is better, right? For this second volume Ganahl dug deeper into his massive archive for even cooler and more never-before-seen photos in both color and black and white to provide another album of great hot rodding photos. He was pleasantly surprised to find that he had more great stuff in old files and folders, hidden away for decades.

In this edition are even more dry lakes shots, post-war rods, lead sleds, show circuit cars, and a chapter on marvelous mills. He even went a little later, into the early s.

Road trip! Looks like there are no locations within 50 miles. Bummer! In the mood for a roadtrip? Here’s your closest Miller’s Ale House. THE TRUMP PROPHECY is an inspirational message of Hope, highlighting the vast beauty and greatness of The United States, its electoral process and concludes by asking a panel of world leaders to respond to a few questions like: What does it mean to “make America great again?” How does a healthy American economy affect world economics? AERIAL VIEWS OF DEAD RACE TRACKS [and some not so dead] Some of us old fart historians, who seemingly don't have lives, think the aerial photos of race track sites are really cool to look at.