You can contact Customer Service when traveling outside of the U.S. by calling (country code) + This number also appears on the back of your Discover Card.

It is a great place to work! Very good team mates. Great Job very fast paced and good management. I live in California.

Discover Card Collections I have a discover card that shows up as a charge off/collections. Does Discover Card sell its charge offs to collection agencies or does it just hire them for the collection process.I am trying to rebuild my credit.
Contacting Discover Card Customer Service Center. There are four top credit card companies. They are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card. Customer service information for the Discover Card is extremely simple to locate/5(23).
I interviewed at Discover (Riverwoods, IL) in May Interview Completed a phone interview, then a month later visited the corporate office in Riverwoods, IL for an in-person interview.
I interviewed at Discover (Riverwoods, IL) in May Interview Completed a phone interview, then a month later visited the corporate office in Riverwoods, IL for an in-person interview.
Discover Card has sent my account to a collections attorney. This attorney's office has sent me Court papers where I have 30 days to respond to. I called them again to try to explain our financial situation, and I offered to pay approx. $/month.

The hardest part of working for Discover Card was realizing I did not get summers and a number of holidays off that I was accustom to getting off while teaching school. I only encountered one difficult employee that I had to interact with on a daily basis.4/4(K).

Nine phone calls, four letters and 9 months later still same problem. I purchase a coffee pot from the local store on August 9th of this year. Can Discover help me with a copy of that receipt to prove that I purchased it from the store?

I received and e-mail saying that my Discover Card had an abnormally high attempts on logins on my account. This maybe a hoax but if you tried to contact my e-mail please look into this. This account has been closed for years,. I had been a customer since and cancelled out of principal. Since I may have missed payment about 6 or 7 times, but my payment history is great. It really hurt to let Discover Card go I believe they are a good company, but they need to really be diligent and really look at peoples payment history and longevity with their company.

I unfortunately got an associate that was not caring. I was not happy with my FICo score. I have sent payments in before due dates forever and yet I am not a fic0Please correct!!!!!! Said I would receive them in 6 days. Could you please check on why I have not received them. We my wife and I have been a Discover card customers since We use our Discover card for the majority of all our purchases.

I called the service center and found that my address and phone number had been changed by someone who got into my online account. New cards had been sent to this fraud overnight. I went through with the representative to reset the information, block the card that had been issued to the fraud and asked for new cards to be send us, which she said could not been done for 4 to 5 days but to call back tomorrow and maybe they could overnight cards to us.

I found this unusual. We have had our card compromised before and Discover always overnighted new cards to us immediately. I cannot believe the incompetence done here. The representative changed the information and said they would block the cards issued and issue new cards to us the next day.

He called back and said we would not get the cards on Weds. I called Discover and was told to wait to see if they came the tomorrow Friday. I am seriously considering dropping Discover.

I have never had this problem before with Discover or any other card company. I cannot see my account and do not have new cards to open a new account, so the fraud might be using cards that were sent to them while I sit here with nothing.

It seems the fraud can get cards much faster than the valid customer. I would like a person from management to contact me about this poor service. My phone is I just love how you guys look at the past. What a run a round I have experienced and then was disconnected. I received a new card Sept 2,and was told to destroy the old one.

I have been with you people since , Maybe it time for a change? I just want to give my email adress, because the post office is on strike and I want to see monthy my acount. My member no is Thank you, Mrs J. I changed it but it was not activated. Please consider contracting with a more clever Advertising Agency, your TV commercials lack class and are very childish.

Why the hell do you send people invitations to apply and decline them. Its a scam to get personal information and screw up peoples credit rating. Either make this right or do not contact me again!!!!!!! Today my attorney attempted to fax a message to you ,using a number that he obtained from your office. This is his second message to you on my behalf to resolve an old incorrect bill from Storage Place in Hudson MA. I elderly, and hard of Hearing, therefore unable to communicate effectively by phone.

I have repeatedly told your agents when they call, that I cannot understand their message, and I have mailed letters to explain, but then you just add another penalty to the bill, and do not respond to my mailed messages. Why do you not communicate with my attorney, Richard Novitch. Is this any way to treat your public..? Should I resort to other measures in order to bring about an fair resolution..?

Please resolve this matter with my attorney. I have missed calls from you on my recent application for a discover card. I put down that I was a student and I wont be attending school until the fall and they have asked for school documents they need to finish the application and I dont have any as of yet.

Since I am not starting until the fall and I have no proof of schooling yet should I start another application and state I am not a student? If so please let me know by email and I will redo the application. Email is the best way to reach me. DC, have you ever heard of overkill or too much of something is a bad thing? I use PCH games every day and they run your ad after every game that is played. As a former business manager I know marketing is extremely important, however, I also know what toooooo much can do.

Try having someone log in and see how they turn people off to your card. Nobody wants to see an ad after every game they play. Yesterday I was on the site for 4 hours and saw your ad over times.

Your marketing people have a lot to learn. You sent me this mail and I want to act on it as soon as possible to resolve my CC debt with you before your deadline lapses soon. I just discovered your mail though it was sent in the past. For a very limited time we are offering you the opportunity to settle your Account for a payment of only This offer expires on December 3, Please call now or we will be forced to consider the necessary steps to collect the full balance.

The failure to meet any agreed upon payment that is part of this settlement by the payment due date will cause the settlement to be null and void and will result in the entire remaining account balance becoming due immediately.

In addition there may be certain tax consequences. If you are uncertain of the legal or tax consequences we encourage you to consult your legal or tax advisor. Please call us promptly at between the hours of Monday through Friday 8: We will be happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have regarding this account. It would take a novel to document the problems I am having with Discover after 32 years of using their card. I not only got a partial shipment but had to wait months for what they forgot to bring amounting to cf of property.

I will never do business with Discover and they even had the nerve to put my account down as past due when they owe me money — I owe them nothing. Will you please tell me what the status of my account is. I have not received a replacement card. If you are not going to give me a new card I will go to another offer. I keep getting information for James W. Davis sent to my email address. I have contacted Discover card on several occasions asking that this stop. I still get his information.

I am not James W. If I still get his emails — who is getting mine? The security of this company needs to be seriously looked at. Stop sending me the account information for James W. I would like to apply for Discover Credit Card, having been recommended to your department. Unfortunately I have been trying for tour days to reach you by the telephone without success.

I managed to get through on the first I called. We got cut off mid conversation. However, for some reason Discover has added electronic payment to my account. I did NOT ask for this to be done. I get paid on different days of the month so I am not sure when I can make my payments.

This month I sent my payment for June on May 18th. Discovewr took the payment out of my checking account on May 19th. They also credited my payment that I had mailed in. This will probably make my other payments checks to bounce. Avoid this card like the plague,. I have been searching for a email adress to send a opinion about your credit score card program.

I recently when on your web site and must say how dissappointed i was with the results. I entered my info and ask for a pre qualification for a card. The results came back as if i would a canidate for one of your cards. I am hit with a hard inquirey due to this. Why would you have a program to assist people with their credit that could hurt them if they applied.

Especially when your company shows a card that would match them. My phone is broken so I will try emailing you. Made purchase at Dress Lilly, and looks like they have charged me with two orders instead of one, could not correct it on internet. Please only accept one charge, instead of two I will keep trying to correct with Dress Lilly.

Thank you, Jimmye Davis. Eight attempts to have my monthly payments applied to my current account have been in vain. Payments continue to go to my old account even though I have spoken with Josh, Kenny, Taylor, Rudy billing , Regina billing , Kara supervisor , and others. I have been a loyal customer since , and have never missed or been late on a payment, yet I continue to get past due notifications and late charges applied to my account.

Your customer service is atrocious, and I will no longer be a customer. So I thought great.. TO me this was a bit deceiving, I would have never applied or accepted the terms if I had been aware of them.. How often are Discover Customer Service representatives available? Can I contact a Discover representative online? How do I initiate a Live Chat? How do I contact Customer Service when traveling outside of the U. Visit Help Center to contact Discover to find all the appropriate numbers.

Discover account managers are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yes, you can contact Customer Service online. Visit the Help Center to call a representative or log in to your account to send a secure message or initiate a live chat. You must log in to initiate a live chat. Report a Lost or Stolen Card. Go to Help Center home.

Discover Gift Cards P.O. Box Phoenix, AZ Have questions about other Discover products? Online Banking Help; Personal Loans Help; Student Loans Help; Home Equity Loans Help; Network Help; Media Inquiries; What has your card done for you lately? Apply Now for Discover card. Back to Top. Quick Links. Examples of Discover Card debt settlement programs One customer had two accounts. They started the debt settlement process and program with Discover during the fall of Apr 28,  · The Discover card company does not sell its unpaid accounts to collection agencies. Rather, the company maintains ownership of the account and hires collection agencies to collect the debts on commission. Discover also doesn't drop packaged debts on Author: Fighting Collection Agency Debt.