Mens Slim Fit Silver Label Jeans - Dark Rinse. $ Mens Slim Fit Silver Label Jeans - Medium Stonewash.

It also suggested 14 in jeans at Old Navy, which as I stated above, I actually own, but they're too big on me and I really should have gotten a 12, if not a 10!

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Size Chart For Silver Jeans. May 3, bbgcloth. Silver Jeans Co. Plus Size Chart via Dillards. Hue Casual Dresses Scjmens Size Chart Silver Jeans Women Jean Size Chart Conversion. Silver Jeans Size Conversion pzA0. Silver Jeans Co. Plus Size Chart via Dillards.
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Like your favorite Wrangler jeans only 20% tougher. Wrangler's Premium Performance Cowboy Cut® jean features 20% longer lasting denim, a more comfortable waist, a functional watch pocket, deeper front pockets, a regular seat and thigh, and smooth seams.

I always felt like their jeans were too long. I think they changed the short inseam from 30" to 32". That was in ish though. I was so upset having 29" long legs. YEARS ago they had the "originals" which were a nice mid-rise jean. Not a mom jean, but high enough that your bum didn't fall out.

Can I just say I hate current jean fashion?? They got rid of those I believe. If you don't mind me asking, what brands do you like now? I remember trying on levi's and hating them circa The originals sound nice!

I too would love to wear AE jeans because I really do like the way they look, the feeling of them, etc. Yeah, it's NOT a good look on anyone. Why is this such a popular thing. I'm 24, not a granny. I also HATE shopping for jeans. I have short 28" legs and a long torso, so I find that the low-cut styles are always WAY too low for me. I only wear Suki by Silver Jeans. They come in all sorts of different washes and pocket styles and they always fit.

I wear 28 or 29 depending on the stretchiness of the fabric. The JCrew jeans really are the best I've ever found, but they do have plain pockets which I like personally. Hipslung is my favorite cut and you can find them for around 30 bucks on ebay. BMI doesn't work on an individual scale, but only over an entire population. The fact is it doesn't account for bone structure, muscle mass or any other variable factors in the human body.

Body fat percentage is a much better way of judging personal weight. Waist to hip ratio is actually a better indicator of whether your body fat amount will be detrimental to your health. My waist to hip ratio is 0. Glad your concerned with my BMI but like another poster said it is not always the best indicator of overall health. Your idea made me think of Bratabase , maybe check it out and see what they do to find out what kinds of things people might find valuable from a project like this but pants instead of bras.

Good idea, but I think it'll be moderatly difficult. Many companies use different size scales depending on the cut and rise, or if the jean is junior or misses. So that could be like 10 different size 12's for one company. Unless your willing to lists the exact measurements of the particular jeans as mentioned by another comment here. I'm trying to make it as accurate as possible, but I know that will be hard.

This is meant to just be a guideline - just one more resource that can be used. In my post, I added the style of the jeans. For example, I originally just stated "American Eagle" since all my AE jeans are size 12, but I added that the ones I have are all boot cut and straight.

Also, some jeans may be cut differently now compared to 2 years ago or something. Like you said, it would be most helpful to list the exact measurements of jeans. I am about the same size though petite as you.

I love AE for jeans, but get a lot of my shirts either from JCrew, or at random stores. For Blazers I love Uniqlo! They're light, breathable, and great! This is the one I have!! I have a hard time finding bottoms that I can fill out. I've tried out skinny cuts at Old Navy and American Eagle, but even their smallest sizes are just too big.

A thread like this for office wear would be great, I'm having a hard time finding professional clothing, especially trousers. If you have a hard time finding bottoms that work for you, have you tried the bottoms in the juniors sections of department stores? I think someone else said that women's sizes tend to be made with more room for hips and such, so I would think maybe juniors sizes would work better for you.

I am almost your exact same size within a half inch and five pounds, give or take and I recently found some good black dress pants. I would recommend Banana Republic's Sloan fit in a 0 short and White House Black Market Legacy bootcut in 00 short or their ankle length crop in a 0 long. They are a little expensive, but they fit great. Also for jeans, try big star. For what its worth, their work tops also fit me well usually a XXS.

I think they are a little expensive, but I can't argue with the fit. Dress shirts are kind of tricky for me because I have a relatively sizable rack 26E.

I'll check them out though, thanks for the suggestions! I'm curious why you ladies think raws and fades and denimheads appear to be a male phenomenon, almost exclusively. The only explanations I can think of are that for men, denim is tied more to the idea of "workwear", while for women I see it as more of a fashion garment less utility, hugging curves and whatnot.

Additionally, I think womanshape is more elasticfriendly. I've been lurking on this subreddit for a while but I thought I'd start out by contributing here, since I'm a really petite person. Because of this, it seems especially hard for me to find things that fit, so I figured it might be more helpful. Paige - My favorite brand of jeans but they're super expensive.

I wear a size I believe they actually go down all the way to a 23, though! Madewell - I have a pair of jeans size 0 I got here aprox. However, I tried on a ton of jeans in-store a month or so ago, and they were all quite a bit too large.

I haven't changed size since then, so I think they may have started to do more vanity sizing. I haven't tried petite sizes because I'm hesitant to order them online, since they don't have them in-store. I haven't tried on any jeans at either of these two places, as I generally don't dig the styles too much. Earnest Sewn Tend to fit me pretty well - I have a pair of jeans I got at Buffalo Exchange that are a size 25, but I could definitely size down to a 24 I just prefer the comfy baggy "boyfriend" look on this particular pair.

Lucky I think these run small - size 24 fits well, even too tightly in some styles. I think this is a great idea! Jeans are so hard to buy online but I hate paying full price in stores so I often end up with a pair that doesn't fit at all even though it's my usual size. I sized up based on reviews found around the web and Madewell's own suggestion to try your size and one up.

If you have skinny legs, this is probably not necessary. As I hoped, they started off a bit snug, but after wearing them around a bit, they fit perfectly in the hips and thighs, and they only gap a tiny bit in the waist, which is about as good as jeans get for me. This is my first pair of Madewell, so I can't speak to the long term stretch, fade, etc. The straight fit is still pretty slim pretty much tight down to the knees, then straight down from there , and I think it looks pretty good on my pear-ish shape.

I'm in the process of moving, so I don't know if I can get a fit pic at the mo', but if I remember, I'll come back and edit at some point. I have literally not bought jeans in years until I bought these jeans, so that's all I've got to offer for now.

To make things worse their sizing is very wacky. I have jeans by Refuge in 00, 0, and 2. That's all I've worn forever, other than the occasional junior's brand jeans from JC Penney, and I always have to go up a size or two in those. I've been losing weight recently, but though I've lost less than 10lbs, I've dropped about 2 sizes I have gained a lot of muscle though.

Sweetheart size 4 I only wear the skinny cut , and also size 4 in their perfect cut Chinos. I only have one pair and they're a few years old, but they're a 2 regular. I don't own a pair of these, but before I lost weight I tried on a 6 that fit well but not full-price well I'm kind of cheap , so I'd venture to guess I'm a there now. Looking at size charts on each of these websites suggests that I should be wearing about 2 sizes larger than I actually do. I find it hilarious. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post. Properly Fitting Bras Guide To: Some Considerations Business Dress: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? I got the 12 and just have to either belt it or wash it often to "tighten" them purchased this summer a.

I think I found it way funnier than it was. For reference, I'm Edit: P I'm hoping to get a pair or two or higher quality jeans before going back to college, so hopefully I get get a good idea for brands too! Silver Jeans are all made from a blend of cotton and spandex, giving them stretch while being able to maintain their shape. Once you try on a pair, you will quickly realize what makes this brand of jeans so special. They come in a range of styles and washes and are coveted for their fit and detailing.

But, what if you are plus size and want to wear Silver Jeans? Are there plus sizes available? The answer is yes. If you know where to shop, there are several options to consider. Silver Jeans are a great option for plus size women of all ages since they come in several styles with different fits and rises.

They come in junior extended sizes Some of the most popular styles to check out include:. Silver Jeans can be found in both straight and bootcut. They come in capri and short styles.

All of these styles are the same ones available in regular sizes but are cut specifically for those needing an extended size. Since they are similar to the regular sized jeans, no one will notice you need them in an extended size.

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