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Above all a team. Are yours worth catching? Best in the Field. Champions are made when no one is watching. Defend til the End. For the love of the Game.

Get your Game on. Go big or go home. Go with the flow. Heading to the top. Hustle and Heart set us apart. I can go the distance. I live my life, 50 meters at a time. Instant swimmer- just add water. It all starts with attitude. Leave it all on the track. Life is short, Play Hard! Look up, get up, but never give up. Make your competitive juices overcome your excuses. My cross country shoes have more miles than your car.

None of us is as smart as all of us. One spirit, one team, one win. One team, one dream. Breath easy to keep you dry. Keeps the wind out to keep you warm. Very good value for your money! Best Flex Fit hat I have owned so far, doesn't sweat as much as other hats, looks and feels higher quality. Let us know if we can make your shopping even more enjoyable. Please email your comments to Jay GotApparel. Please contact webmaster gotapparel. In the United States, before the s children predominantly wore clothing made by their parents.

In the s, infant and toddler clothing fashion design became an increasing source of revenue for US designer labels and fashion design houses, such as Polo Ralph Lauren and Guess. The age of first-time mothers has been increasing in Western cultures , from For the revision, wholesale infant clothing is in category Women's, Children's, and Infants' Clothing and Accessories Merchant Wholesalers [8] and retail infant clothing is in category Children's and Infants' Clothing Stores. The imitating model has changed over years.

In the past nobility owned what was perceived as an ideal style paradigm. While nowadays, the upper-middle class embodies the ideal fashion; especially, in today's pop culture , this role is covered by celebrities and the so-called V. Clothes have long been used to hide sexual differences in its strong biological sense and, at the same time, to point up and signal it through assumptions concerning gender in clothing codes.

The manner in which an infant is dressed "affects behavior toward the infant". A study found that US parents were not "bothered by strangers' mistaking the infant's sex". Gender is a way in which social practices are ordered. In gender differentiation process, the everyday conduct of life is organized in relation to biological differences, defined by the bodily structures and processes of human reproduction. Bodies are therefore both agents and objects of practice.

Such body-reflexive practices that define the social structure are not internal to the individual, but they involve social relations and shared symbolism. They may well involve large-scale social institutions.

Within this body structured practices, particular versions of femininity and masculinity are materialized as meaningful bodies and embodied meanings. Through body-reflexive practices and through the biological division of human bodies into male and female, more than individual lives are formed: By gender stereotypes we mean a representation, imagery or classification of men, women, or gender relations, that presents a simplified, conventionalized and selective picture of men's and women's lives.

This representation is pretty often spread up also by the exposure to TV contents, which has been associated with more stereotypical sexual attitudes i. For instance, a persistent devaluing of women can have the effect of celebrating masculine bodily power, or of believing that women and men should be confined to narrow and segregated social roles.

In Baby Fashion, gender-differentiated consumption can go from toys to particular dressing accessories or objects of everyday life. This particular structured system becomes an important tool to maintain intact these constructed gender social identities.

Despite the different gender studies that has been done during the last years, it seems that sex role theory , which is an old approach based on the power of custom and social conformity, seems to be correct about some still existing social constructions. Sex role theory explains gender patterns by appealing to the social customs that define proper behaviour for women and for men.

People learn their roles, in the course of growing up, and then perform them under social pressures. According to this theory, children, since their first years of life, are distinguished into girls and boys. They are dressed with the respective gender identifiable colours, the typical pink and blue. The blue dressed children are supposed to behave differently than the ones dressed in pink: On the contrary, the pink dressed children are supposed to behave in a passive way, to be obedient and even prettier.

When the girls grew up they are dressed with cute dresses, they are given toys like dolls and make up accessories, and they are educated to always take care of their physical aspect, to be able to cook and to always be educate and gentle with others. On the other hand, when boys grew up they are taught how to drive cars, how to be competitive in the market in order to earn money and how to chase all those persons who were dressed in pink colours.

Speaking about baby fashion, it is important to stress the consumerism that is behind all of this. Buying infant clothing is becoming more and more a phenomenon of fashion so that, since they are mainly bought by parents, sometimes the purchasing action is brought to an upper level through the objectification of the child. In fact, it can happen that they are adopted as a means to demonstrate the capability of their family to follow most recent fashions.

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