At the beginning of March I purchase a flat screen TV from your website. A 55

Final Sale and Nonreturnable Items. And that they can look up my receipt if I lost it. Can I return in the first week? They returned everything except the batterys. These are items that are typically ordered directly from the manufacturer and not stocked by Best Buy.

This subreddit is not officially endorsed by nor affiliated with Best Buy Co., Inc. - we are % community driven by both customers Mod Post Best Buy Returns and Exchanges Policy FAQ ( submitted 1 year ago by The guy at the register told me within the year I could return them for any reason and exchange them for another.
This subreddit is not officially endorsed by nor affiliated with Best Buy Co., Inc. - we are % community driven by both customers Mod Post Best Buy Returns and Exchanges Policy FAQ ( submitted 1 year ago by The guy at the register told me within the year I could return them for any reason and exchange them for another.
Best Buy return policy stinks! Had bought an Epson Home Cinema, never used it, did not read all the “fine” print, and because of a busy work schedule, did not have time to return it in the 15 days.
Oct 25,  · Best Buy - Return Policies. Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by LaJessie75, Oct 19, how many items have you returned for refund, brought back for warranty repair or returned for exchange in a two year period? I wouldn't shop at Best Buy anyway, because their return policy is a miserly 15 days.
Oct 25,  · Best Buy - Return Policies. Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by LaJessie75, Oct 19, how many items have you returned for refund, brought back for warranty repair or returned for exchange in a two year period? I wouldn't shop at Best Buy anyway, because their return policy is a miserly 15 days.
Best Buy Return Policy

How Many Days Do I Have to Return Something?

Best Buy return policy stinks! Had bought an Epson Home Cinema, never used it, did not read all the “fine” print, and because of a busy work schedule, did not have time to return it in the 15 days.

They took half an hour to "check" the condition. Came back and told me the box was opened and tape closed. Gave me store credit instead of refund. I hope they don't go bankrupt anytime soon. But I will not buy a big item from BB again. Best Buy sucks, router lasted just over 2 months before dying and they won't take it back. Bought a TV 31 days ago, and the picture went out.

Can't return past 15days. Ridiculous, just like everyone else in this forum Best Buy sucks and will never shop there again!!!!!! Best buy sucks one policy says 30 day return and than the other says 15 days. Make up you mind. Best Buy, what a joke. I attempt to return a gift I purchased but couldn't get a refund on my Best Buy card because I was 5 days past the 15 days. I had purchased the gift 2. Conveniently I no longer am and don't qualify for the 30 day refund perk of an elite member.

I'm determined to get my refund because where there's a will, there's a way. For all the people having a fit about being being an elite member You qualified to be an elite member for free There is also ways around having to spend the amount you need to qualify.

Like my brothers and sister, my self my mom and dad all on the same account. So we qualify every year. Just because you're lazy about returning something doesn't mean bestbuy is at fault. It literally fell apart in mid May. They told me that I was past the 15 day return period; and since I did not buy the Geek Squad protection, I would have to go to a LG service center. Never, ever shopping at Best Buy again. I returned it within the 15 days to get a new one. Got the new one shipped to me.

The second one didn't work. I was fed up and took it back to the store. I should have got my money back the first time.

I purchased an 43inch Insignia TV that after 2 months just stop. I took it back to bestbuy for them only to tell me that there was nothing to bat for hey could do. I guess I was wrong Hun! I bought a Wi-Fi Broadband for Boost Mobile that's supposed to be from Netgear it's supposed to be your hotspot it took me awhile to get in touch with Boost Mobile customer service when I can finally take me and I get the number to the box it will from another company I could not get in touch with them because they will close on Sunday today I didn't really get a chance to talk with them because of the hours that worked they don't know it is a Broadband from another company instead of Netgear it's from somebody else.

I am getting really nervous that i am not going to even get it now since everyone else says 3 or 4 days for debit or credit card's. I think they used to have a 30 day return policy. They must have changed their policy to Just found on-line internal rules that say even without a receipt, they can process returns, even out of the time-frames listed BUT at the store manager's discretion.

I have an unopened DVD boxed set purchased with cash that is not going to be opened I was told store credit only, no refunds. I have spent so much money over the years there. Really, stupid stupid business practice when the item is unopened and they still sell it. I paid dollars with my Debit Card. It was taken from account before I made it home. While I may of used a electronic version they still were able to take it from my account within minutes of my purchase.

Now I get to wait 3 to 4 business days for for it to even post onto my bank account and then maybe a day for it to clear with my bank. For a technology company, they sure are living in the past. Everyone recognizes that a debit card is cash now days. I made a purchased on BEST BUY last year on february my husband purchased a camera chip usb adapter so I can download my pictures to my laptop, when he brought it home It clearly wouldn't match my laptop so I went to the store to make the exchange for something else, the girl on the cash register told me I need to open the product and try it in order to return it.

I call the customer center and they told me the manager can do an exception for me if I go to the store, then I this agent on the phone told me if I become an elite member I can get up to 30 to 45 days return policy upgrade, this doesn't make any sense, are they trying to push people to become an elite member?

This is Crazy the year before I was told to open the item this year Im denied my return because it was open?? My house hold will never buy again from them. I understand why everyone is so upset about Best Buy! I wanted to return something and looked at the receipt and it said I only have 15 day.

I just don't like it and kept putting off to take back, and now I'm stuck with it. In the future I will watch what I buy from them. I do understand their policy and why companies go out of business due to returns. I think they should post their policy or tell you at the register. I thought it would be 30 to 90 days. The Best Buy in Pinole California is awesome! They go out of their way to be sure customers are satisfied. I took my return to the customer service desk and had no issues at all.

We are customers for life. I bought a wireless earphone that didnt right the day after. So i went to exchange it. Since i didnt had my recipt and i paid cash, i checked return and exchange polic online. It was clearly mentioned if u dont have recipt u need ur bank card or a photo id.

But when i went there they didnt exchange it and said its open and since u have no recipt they cant exchange and in there website there is nothing as opened ptoduct cannot be exchange. Iam not goong to best busy ever thats for sure now. I just came from the Best Buy store in Reston Virginia. The manager, Jeff Zubio, just told me that he didn't carry the items I was returning so I had to bring them back to the store where I purchased them which was much further away.

I had to stand there red-faced and show him the statement on the Best Buy website that said that returns could be made at any Best Buy store. I basically had to practically make a scene for him to agree to the terms on Best Buy's website. He was so rude that he even challenged why I was returning something I'd only bought the day before, as if that was any of his business.

He was so rude and so cocky, I can see why Best Buy is doing so poorly. I purchased a Panasonic microwave at store in Joliet, IL. I brought the unit back and the store manager said Best Buy will not exchange or refund the unit because it is more than 15 days from the purchase date.

Best Buy said I have to return the unit myself since I did not buy the extended warranty. I never buy extended warranties because quality products should not need one but I guess some unreliable Best Buy products must need it as I found out. The store gave me this written statement on a receipt: Best Buy is committed to providing you the best possible Factory Warranty experience. If you are experiencing trouble with your product, please contact the vendor to report the problem.

I would think Best Buy should at least provide the correct contact numbers for their customers. Have someone at the corporate office call that number and see how far they get at setting up a return since that is a bogus phone number. All I did was waste 2 hours and gas to drive to Best Buy and purchase a defective unit and waste 2 hours and gas driving back to Best Buy trying to return it.

I or my family will never buy anything again at Best Buy. Well, my story sounds pretty much like everyone else's. On Christmas day, we open gifts to find that the screen of my grandson's tablet is totally trashed, broken, unusable. They only had 1 left. It was a different color. Mind you, 3 days ago they were All the same price. Now, I get charged an extra I get home and we charge the tablet so he can take it with us on vacation as we were going abroad the next day.

We turn the tablet on We tried all the reset tricks but nothing. By now its too late to go back to the store again.

So basically, theyvtook my money for damaged goods, then charged me more to exchange it for yet more damaged goods, then see ya. Let the BestBuy shopper Beware. I received a Fitbit for my birthday in black. I wanted a colored one in tangerine but store it was purchased at only had black in stock I was told another store in the area had my color in stock so I drove there to "even exchange" it.

So is this a sales tax scam. I'm sure Uncle Sam won't see it. And if they charge this to all other "non receipt" customers that adds up to a lot of money! We did purchase a lot from Best Buy but not in the future! Cutting back they say or bad business forcing closures, I say unfair return policies putting you out of business!

I don't usually write comments on websites like this, but I am absolutely astounded. A 15 day return policy unless I become an Elite Member? I was kind of hoping that the company would get back on track and do well, but I fully expect them to go under with this kind of short-sighted policy. The woman in customer services did not want to change it or give the money back. I hope they close soon.

I tried to return a gift which I had bought my wife on December 23, only to find out the return policy is only 14 days! I guess I should've looked at the receipt, but was thinking that 30 days was pretty standard and that used to be the best by policy.

I even had a gift receipt but that didn't matter. They finally agreed to give me an in-store credit, which is ridiculous. When leaving the store I read the policy on the wall and if you are a rewards member you get up to 30 or 45 days to return your items!

And if it's a wedding registry items you get 60 days to return the item. Now tell me what is the difference between a gift receipt and a wedding registry receipt??? Once I am done using my in-store credit, it will be the last time I go to Best Buy. You can look back and see what we bought last year and I feel you owe us if it cannot be used , I will package it up and send back if we could get in store credit that is all we ask but if not maybe we should let the better business bureau know how we were treated.

Please give me an answer. Good luck if you spend your hard earned cash or money at Best Buy. You might wait 3 or 4 days for a refund if you use a debit or credit card but you might wait 3 -4 weeks or longer for a "check in the mail" if you spend your cash at Best Buy!

Buyer Beware and even more beware if you use cash The customer service at Best Buy is the worst I've ever seen. I am thoroughly disgusted with Best Buys return policy. I have never seen a company so eager to take CASH from its customers and then refuse to give cash back with a valid return within the return policy time frame with a receipt that shows it was paid for in cash.

I have had serious issues with this several times in the past and then for several years I make a point not to purchase from best buy I don't know what posesses me to try again. I was told I was only allowed to exchange this phone or to wait a couple weeks for a check in the mail.

This is stealing in most places I willl never ever buy from this store again and will make sure everyone I know is aware of this and my previous experiences. I know several people told me of their nightmares when I told them I was going to attempt to return this phone. I thought well I paid cash and its only been 4 or 5 days and its new in the box I did everything right on my side Best Buy sucks and should be avoided at all costs.

Pay more elsewhere if you need to!! Well worth the extra money to buy somewhere that values its consumers and their money. Also purchased the warranty for She flat out said YES! Three days late I accidentally knocked the TV over and the screen cracked. We JUST got back from Best Buy where the Customer Service manager told us that the warranty we purchased doesn't cover cracked screens, only pixel issues. He said they can't do anything and to call the manufacturer but they, most likely, won't do anything either.

SO I spent I'm done with Best Buy. I know everyone posting complaints says this so I hope everyone sticks to it. I am shocked at how crappy their service is and that they still have so many customers. When we opened the box this Sunday, we found that the TV screen was broken. We put the TV back in the box and my husband took it back to the store.

The store manager told my husband she could not take the TV back as it had passed the 3 day store policy for returns. My husband asked her why, as we had purchased the broken TV from them, the receipt states a 30 day return policy for elite members and nowhere in the receipt does it state a 3 day policy for damaged product.

If they have such a policy, they should make the consumer aware that you need to open the box as soon as you get home in case your item is damaged, or open the box at the store so you don't have to go through this mess. We contacted Best Buy customer service department and they said they never heard about this 3 day policy and actually said that it sounded like the store manager Kelly Anderson from San Jose, CA - Curtner Store just did not want to take the television back.

The customer service rep talked to her supervisor and he said he could not do anything about it as it was up to the store manager. The extended store Christmas policy is not really true. Go home and open your big items if you are giving them as gifts because you might end up with a broken item for Christmas. I have never experienced this before with Best Buy but then again, I have never purchased a broken item. I will keep posting this notice to make sure this does not happen to someone else.

Let them go out of business!! They won't return anything!! Even if it's not used!!! Portable radio comes in hard plastic bubble. Have to cut open bubble to find out item doesn't work. Can't return item because you opened it? Best Buy you are destroying your own business! I took the tv home and it was broken went back to exchange got me another one and it was the same broken what kind a store is this know I have to go back and exchange again but who is paying for my time and fuel this store got me crazy I am in a big depression know I can trust store no more.

I received a GPS as a gift and wanted to exchange it for a more expensive one. I did not have the receipt but knew the person paid They only have me The associate told me as long as could get the original reciept then they would make up the difference.

All I am trying to get is the money that was originally paid for that item. I wanted to return an item I purchased and since it wasn't within 15 days I was not able. I was even willing to settle for store credit but was denied. I had a death in the family and I was unable to make it to the store, sorry Best Buy you weren't my priority at the time.

I will no longer be shopping there! I was told i cannot return my unopened box because it was over 15 days. I have been buying from Best Buy for years under member and have purchased a number of computers along with many other items. I had my original computer fixed which i brought from Best Buy and this is why i returned the product and was seeking a credit of Please allow me to bring back for credit because normally there is a 30 day time period Thank YOU.

I sent back very expensive camera lens that was wrong size, and some games, after countless hours on phone and emails, still no refund. Two items which were in the box and even confirmed by the customer care and reference numbers which I have many if needed Order Number: The second box with return label issued by best buy as was the first for the games from order Order Number: I contacted and stated in my other emails, letters, phone calls etc to best buy which I spent countless hours trying to solve this issue.

I have not heard a word other then that the second box with the items was received days ago. I am getting stressed out due to the fact of the cost of the items returned and the fact that the lens. I have no word on whats going on. I have spent countless hours on the phone with best buy, and I was promised this issue would be resolved by now. I thank you for taking the time to help me.

Thank you Tasha for taking the time to help try to solve this rather now made complex issue by best buy. I was also promised a 50 dollar gift card due to my troubles with BEST BUY mixing up my returns and even sending more return labels then asked or needed. I am begging someone come to my aid. I even posted on the best buy forum and still have no refund for the very expensive lens, and the games I returned. I was hung up on multiple times when I was very polite, and I just feel best buy Return Center either someone there stole my items or someone lost them.

I was also promised by customer care that my refunds would show up online, and a few days latter the actual refund would occur. Also I was lied to about the 50 dollar gift card it has been over a week and no proof that they even sent one.

I can not stand this horrible business model when I was promised days ago everything was fixed after spending hours on the phone, with many hang ups, emails, and even in their forums. All I want is my refunds for what I sent back, and my 50 dollar gift card as promised. I bought an LG countertop microwave oven. After three weeks oven quit working. Both center are a two hour drive one way from my town. Who would do that? Since then I was told by LG to just send them my original receipt and they would issue a refund.

They had to send me a letter stating that they have approved a refund. After calling inquiring about that letter for 3 months I finally received it. The letter requires that I buy the same brand microwave, mail a copy of the new receipt then wait weeks more for a check to come.

In the first place, why did I buy a separate warranty from Best Bay that is totally useless? Second,why would I want to buy the same product that quit working after 3 weeks? And, will I really get real money as a refund? I went to Best buy and the sales associate sold me a gb micro sd memory card for my Samsung phone. I paid with my debit card which is my checking acct. So money is there. I found out the card did not work on my phone because it was the wrong one.

He gave me the one for a camera. When I went to get a refund they credited my card and said in 3 days the money would be available. Why 3 days if they got paid as soon as I swiped.

They said it was there bank. I will never paid with a card again. Best Buy return policy is now down to 15 days! Purchased a Polar brand heart rate monitor a few weeks ago.

Take the Polar monitor to Best Buy today with the original receipt to return. I was told because the 15 days had passed who knew about that policy , I couldn't return it because it had been opened Don't Best But sell "open box" items??? Couldn't exchange it or nothing. So I'm stuck with something I don't want or use.

The sales associate did tell me I could sell it online, but there was nothing she could do. Bought a galaxy s6 cell phone from best buy. Two days later it droped from my pocket aprox 12 inchs to pavement and screen broke. I went there for a different phone but they did not have them, sold out.

Fool that I am listened to samsung rep and best buy salesman for a while and bought the samsung. Same superviser told me screen not armored and not water resisant.

Can't return due to breakage. The screen has tto be touched more than once to even used before breakage. Was going to return it anyway. Do not buy this phone. And never believe anyone at Best Buy. Let the customer beware. They make commishion superviser told that no one at that store makes commisions. But his people said they do also i know 3 ex sales people, not to leave out tv and raido people that have said they do when tring to interview management at Best Buy.

Guess I should believe the sales superviser right? Anything for a sale. I tried to return an unopened USB wireless adapter. When I shopped for the item, I told the sales clerk I did not know whether I simply needed an ethernet cord or this adapter.

My husband is working away from home and staying in a motel, and he was having trouble getting on the hotel internet. I told the sales clerk, "I can return this if it turns out not to be what I need--right? They would not give me my money back. The sales clerk didn't mention anything about having to return it in 15 days!

I was just livid when I was informed I would be given store credit only. My husband has been unemployed for 8 months, which is the reason he is having to work away from home and stay in a motel. We don't have money just to buy things we don't need!

I was just so mad, and felt so cheated! Best Buy deserves to lose customers over this. Even after going back to regular TV, the image was red. The only way to fix this was to turn off the TV and turn back on.

Their answer is that the 15 day return policy has come and gone and now I have to deal with the manufacturer. I then spent 2 hours in chat with Samsung and still no fix. Bought jbl reflect BT wireless headphones don't have receipt but the original box and stuff it comes with.

The Bluetooth stopped connecting. I also have an warranty to.. I purchased an Xbox 1 bundle with a free second controller. When i opened the box and realized the controller did not work I went to get a replacment. The rep explainexplained to me that they could not take the controller back because the serial number does not match the the serial number on the packaging. Also, no protection or warranty was offered at time of sale.

Not angry at this point, I can't prove I didn't cause the damage. Understandable, just frustrated that in 30 years of gaming, this is the first time I've ever had a broken disc in a sealed case. Was this a new game or a preOwned? I don't believe we offer plans on preOwned games. If youre in the return policy then you're good. I'd ask for a manager.

Sure it's damaged but sometimes if it's simply an exchange and you bought it recently it's possible. Dunno for sure, though. There's a lot of places online that sell discounted Best Buy gift cards but they're lower quantity so I need to buy like 20 of them and do them in person due to the online limits.

How long does it take for Best Buy to give me my money back after a refund? I returned my product Friday afternoon, so I'm assuming I should get that money back early next week? Thankfully returned it before I got it installed in my car, so I'll use the refunded money to buy a unit that does. Can anyone tell me the exact price match policy regarding amazon.

When I used to work there it was as long as it was "Prime" or "fulfilled by amazon" then we could. Now when I walk in it depends which store I'm in; It's either be the way I remember or "only if it's shipped and sold by amazon". When I look for the policy online all it says is Amazon. We also were told we don't match "Prime Exclusive" deal pricing. From what I've been told, it has to be shipped and sold by Amazon, to make sure that it is an authorized retailer selling the product.

Purchased a Sony PS4 headset almost a year ago. Bought the warranty for them at the time. The guy at the register told me within the year I could return them for any reason and exchange them for another headset, putting the value towards the new set.

The speaker is going out on the left side and I want to go in and swap them for a different brand. The Geek Squad site doesn't say I can still do this, so I wanted to double check that I can trade my Sony headset in for an upgrade up to the price I paid for the Sonys of course.

You will have to pay for another geek squad protection if our system doesn't let us use manufactures. I, at that time, have the option to also purchase another GS Protection Plan? Or is it mandatory that I purchase a new one? You have the option to purchase a new plan.

It is totally optional, but I recommend getting them. Will they accept a no-receipt return on it? It's a stock item No tax is returned on a no-receipt. Money is returned to a store credit. There are, of course, exceptions: I've been told if the customer is a Rewards member during checkout then the system will save their receipt by being able to pull up their rewards account phone number. I'm pretty sure the co-worker who told me this was confusing purchase history with receipt information, but haven't had the chance to confirm it since I'm just sales and not anywhere near the front of the store.

Also, is there any fees for returns? All I've heard is no, but does this include missing components or boxes or anything? If a customer has their rewards attached to their purchase, then yes, their receipt is saved. Best Buy doesn't have a restocking fee on anything but cell phones.

However, if you return something without accessories, there will be a fee. The way it works is when you enter the item to return it, it will ask what items are missing. Tying your purchase to your rewards account saves the receipt. You are also charged if you are missing accessories. A support thread on BB. In case you have a reward program, you have sixty days to return the items.

Best Buy provides a tiered return rule. Each client who purchases an electronic item from any of their stores nationwide or through online will acquire a standard fifteen days return option. However, clients who are a member of My Best Buy Elite can return the product within thirty days. However, if you are a member of My Best Buy Elite Plus, you could take benefits of forty five days return policy. What is more, to return benefits, reward members get enhanced client service, the capability to get lots of points with every purchase as well as have access to exclusive sales and even offers.

The vast mainstream of products at Best Buy including apple watch, video game consoles, cameras, and TV come with fifteen days return policy. On the other hand, they added that postpaid phones need a fourteen day return, in spite of whether the clients are reward holders or not. Similarly, wedding registry products carry a sixty day return for entire shoppers, whether they hold a reward card or not. Like any other stores out there, Best Buy provides clients the choice to return items in its physical store locations or by means of mail.

They provide a free return label for clients and shoppers to send back products quickly to BestBuy. For addition video game returns you may also see Game Stop for the best store return policies.

Shop credit will be provided for returns with gift invoices. Valid government ID or any valid ID might be asked to verify this information. Customers are now becoming more cautious with their purchase. As a consumer, of course, you want to get the best out of your money, so a well-presented and clear return policy is important to have a sense of security as you purchase an item.

According to the Best Buy return policy , customers can return any item they bought from the store, provided that they present their packing slip or receipt, a valid ID and the credit card used for the purchase. The item can be returned in two ways; one is by a DIY process and the other is through the use of a prepaid return label.

There are also certain items that cannot be returned to the store, including the final sale items, digital content, special orders, prepaid cards, membership costs, gift packaging, completed services and opened consumable items, which include ink, 3D printer filament, batteries and the items that are returned with damage, missing or unsanitary major parts.

However, it has also been found that it is possible to return items to the store without a receipt.

Based on your history of returns and exchanges (e.g., the number and frequency of returns and the products returned), you may be denied return or exchange privileges after a warning, even if you have a receipt and have otherwise complied with the policy. A Glimpse of Best Buy Return Policy According to the Best Buy return policy, customers can return any item they bought from the store, provided that they present their packing slip or receipt, a valid ID and the credit card used for the purchase. For your convenience, we offer an extended return and exchange policy during the holiday season. Purchases made between November 1, , and December 31, , have an extended return period through January 15,